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Hethwood Market in Blacksburg, VA began popping kettle corn in 2004. This tasty, portable snack quickly became a local favorite and one of the Market’s most requested items.

 Hethwood Market values all things local, and looked for Virginia-grown kernels but found there were no commercial growers in the state. Sharing this with Jennings Farm, a multigenerational farm in Chase City, VA, they started experimenting with varieties. After many trials, they were able to grow the tender, fluffy kernels that are today's foundation of Heritage Pop Kettle Corn.

 Heritage Pop Kettle Corn is available in either a small bag or large bag and is always freshly popped! It’s always available in store but is also available for preorder!


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Monday - Friday - 9am - 7pm.
Saturday - 9am - 3pm.
Sunday - 12pm - 4pm.

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